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Slay the Dragon

July 7, 2020
Virtual Screening

To access the Virtual Screening

  • Select your local theater (that’s us: SouthCoast Film Forum). Click RENT.
  • Buy your ticket, which has a viewing window of several days.
  • 50% of the net proceeds from your ticket purchase comes back to us.

“An excellent film that tells the story of how politicians used gerrymandering to cheat the American people out of equal representation over the past decade, and how committed, ordinary citizens can fight back to restore fairness to our elections. We must end the era of politicians choosing their votes, and give power back to the people where it belongs. Our democracy is at stake.”

— Former Attorney General Eric Holder,



The SouthCoast Film Forum
promotes the power of film, art,
and ideas to 
inspire audiences
to create a better world.


  • Presenting independent films for a diverse audience
  • Celebrating storytelling
  • Connecting cultures
  • Fostering curiosity and dialogue


Susan Sargent, Founder and President
Leslie Knowles, Vice President
Terry Schaefer Severance, Secretary
Harvey Goldman, Treasurer
Deb Coolidge, PR coordinator
Tim Mahoney, Tech Advisor
Pamela Spatz, Film Advisor

SouthCoast Film Forum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



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