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Welcome to SouthCoast Film Forum Recommendations

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we will continue with both virtual screening formats well as more in depth film recommendations.


The damage of a hierarchical, patriarchal, sheep farming family living in Western Australia is on full display in Rams. Two brothers live side by side, maintain and nurture a fully dysfunctional relationship but raise a special,
prize winning breed of sheep. When a highly infectious virus attacks one of their rams, threatening all the local sheep farmers, the brothers are forced to reckon with each other. At times both hilarious and tragic, the message in the end is clear.
PS.And the sheep are awesome.


Watch via Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

The Fight for America’s Public Lands

A Patagonia film executive produced by Yvon Chouinard and Robert Redford about the battle to protect 640 million acres of public lands in America. Released in 2020 and available now on YouTube, this film details the battle between industry and the fight for common good, the use of pristine lands rich in ancestral history and natural resources by all Americans, threatened by measures to turn this land over to logging, mining, grazing, and oil and gas development. Major setbacks enacted by the Trump administration to the protection of these lands are detailed, leaving questions about how many of these can now be reversed. As journalist Hal Herring asks,”are we going to keep the birthright and the legacy of our lands or will we unleash the forces of industry and live in a world where everything is for sale. “This is a story about coming together and reconciling differences for the sake of the landscape and the people. For more info:


1 hour 38 minutes

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